Just like the marriage rituals of any other community, the Tamil weddings are filled with lights, laughs, and laurels. The people of Tamil carry their simplicity wherever they go; however, the sheer lavishness reflects in every ritual they carry out in a wedding. Indian Tamil Weddings are usually a grand affair and the preparations begin as soon as the wedding date is decided. The wedding dates in Tamil Hindu Culture are decided on the basis of the Tamil calendar.

If anyone in your family is deciding to the tie the knot, here is the list of the dates that are auspicious in 2016 as per the Tamil calendar :

January 2016 -
Jan. 20 Wednesday
Jan. 29 Friday

February 2016
Feb. 03 Wednesday
Feb. 05 Friday
Feb. 10 Wednesday
Feb. 12 Friday
Feb. 17 Wednesday
Feb. 19 Friday
Feb. 26 Friday

March 2016
Mar. 06 Sunday
Mar. 07 Monday
Mar. 10 Thursday
Mar. 11 Friday
Mar. 18 Friday
Mar. 25 Friday

April 2016
Apr. 04 Monday
Apr. 11 Monday
Apr. 25 Monday
Apr. 29 Friday

May 2016
May. 02 Monday
May. 04 Wednesday
May. 09 Monday
May. 11 Wednesday
May. 12 Thursday
May. 19 Thursday
May. 26 Thursday

June 2016
Jun. 08 Wednesday
Jun. 09 Thursday
Jun. 15 Wednesday
Jun. 16 Thursday
Jun. 23 Thursday
Jun. 26 Sunday

July 2016
Jul. 06 Wednesday
Jul. 10 Sunday
Jul. 11 Monday

August 2016
Aug. 17 Wednesday
Aug. 21 Sunday
Aug. 22 Monday
Aug. 29 Monday

September 2016
Sep. 04 Sunday
Sep. 05 Monday
Sep. 08 Thursday
Sep. 14 Wednesday
Sep. 15 Thursday

October 2016
Oct 28 Friday

November 2016
Nov. 02 Wednesday
Nov. 04 Friday
Nov. 06 Sunday
Nov. 07 Monday
Nov. 09 Wednesday
Nov. 11 Friday
Nov. 20 Sunday
Nov. 27 Sunday

December 2016
Dec. 01 Thursday
Dec. 04 Sunday
Dec. 05 Monday
Dec. 09 Friday

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The Wedding dates given above are on the basis of the Tamil Hindu Wedding calendar. Before you fix the date, kindly consult with the astrologer, as the dates on the basis of individual's birth details May. not be available here.