Once you are registered with an online matrimonial website, either you will be required to fill a form or you will be asked to submit a Matrimonial Bio-data. A matrimonial bio-data includes all your personal information, professional details, family details, horoscope details, etc. Some people hesitate in providing detailed information but there is nothing to fret about as most of the matrimonial websites are completely credible. Such websites have rules about protecting the confidential details of the people registered with them. Therefore, you must fill the form completely in order to find the right match for yourself. Some tips that may come in handy to create a good matrimonial Bio-data are as follows :

  • Be honest and mention all the details clearly. More specifically, if you belong to a community that believes in horoscopes, mention the details regarding your horoscope precisely like raashi, star, nakshatra, doshas, caste, sub-caste etc.
  • Write about your background and that of your family in simple language.
  • Highlight your interests, thought process, attitude and vision in life in an attractive manner.
  • You can also mention a little about the qualities that you want in your preferred partner.
  • You can also mention why you want to get married but make sure it is nothing overtly negative.
  • Do not elaborate on your looks or other attributes. Keep it short and simple.
  • Check the text for any errors and use a simple font.
  • Many websites have text box options for writing while others may ask you to upload the bio-data. In such cases, submit it in a simple Microsoft Word format.

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The second you upload a properly written Matrimonial Bio-data online, you get a step closer to your life partner. So don't wait anymore if you want to get married, submit your matrimonial details to a reputed matrimonial website right away.