On her wedding day, the bride makes all efforts in ensuring that she puts her best foot forward. Most of the Indian girls dream of looking perfect on the D-day since childhood. The Indian brides-to-be have a variety of adornments, called Solah Shringar, for getting groomed on their wedding day. These are sixteen adornments by which Indian married women also groom themselves. The Shringar focuses on making the girl look stunningly beautiful.

  • Bindi - Bindi is applied at the forehead of the bride.
  • Sindoor - It is a vermillion red colored sacred powder. The husband fills the centre parting of the hair of the bride with this.
  • Maangteeka - This ornament is worn by the bride in the centre parting of hair. It is mostly made with gold for the bride.
  • Kajal - The eyes of the bride are attractively decorated with Kohl. It makes her eyes look more appealing.
  • Nose ring - A round nose ring is adorned by the bride to be. It makes her look stunningly beautiful.
  • Necklace - A beautifully designed necklace is adorned by the bride. This necklace is very heavy and has intricate designs.
  • Earrings - The bride has to wear earrings. The earrings compliment the necklace.
  • Mehendi - The hands and feet of the bride-to-be are decorated with traditional designs. The name of the Groom is also written in the hands of the bride.
  • Bangles - Wearing bangles is mandatory for the grooming of a bride.
  • Baajuband - Baajubandh is tied at the arm of the bride. This beautiful ornament is carved in gold.
  • Aarsi - It is the thumb ring that the bride wears. It usually has a mirror.
  • Hairstyle - A bride to be has to have a special hairstyle. This styling of the hair is called Keshapasharachana.
  • Kamarband - This beautiful piece of jewellery is tied at the waist of the bride. It is mostly a gold chain embedded with jewel stones.
  • Toe rings & Anklets - Popular in India with the name of Bichuas, Toe rings are one of the essential ornaments for a bride to be. She is also made to wear anklets.
  • Perfume - A special scent called Itr is sprinkled on the bride. Due to his, she remains fragrant during the entire wedding ceremony.
  • Shaadi ka Joda - The bridal dress is called Shaadi ka Joda. Different cultures have different wedding dresses like Lehengas, Sarees, Salwar Suits, etc.

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Solah Shringar has religious significance as well. Most of the ornaments that are a part of the Solah Shringar imply that the girl is now a married woman. Moreover, it is believed that the lady, who regularly adorns herself with the Solah Shringar, brings prosperity and her husband has a long life.