Love, attractions, and infatuations are feelings which do not follow established rules of logic. You can never be sure about when or with whom you would get attracted to or when someone gets attracted to you. It is love's refusal to fall into the patterns of logic which has left many an individual in unsavory relationships for far longer than they should have. Thus, it would be wonderful to know the proper time to end a relationship and not suffer for those extra moments. The following signs in your partner may be indications that he or she is not the right partner after all.

Complains About Exes : You should be wary of individuals who are constantly speaking ill of their exes. If you are in a relationship with a person who speaks ill of or uses swear words for his or her exes, you might very well be the next in line.

Changes Like A Chameleon : A person who cannot stay true to his or her words should not be trusted very easily. The tendency of going back on words is very often the tendency of a liar. Bad liars can be caught easily and most of the times they accept that they have been lying. But those that can lie well often make changes to what they had said earlier and get away with it.

Unreachable Whereabouts : A person whose whereabouts are frequently unknown and unreachable can be up to no good. He or she may be addicted to drugs or you may be being cheated on. The simple fact that your partner has to hide his or her whereabouts from you may be a red flag, big enough to signal the end of the relationship.

Change In Tone And Behavior : Look for changes in the way that your partner behaves with you. The pitch of the voice may have increased, the sarcasm and accusations in the tone may have increased, or a person who could always find time to be with you does not show up even at the important occasions. These changes may reflect a dwindling of interest and could mean that you are on your way out.

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The above steps may sound logical but are in fact very difficult to implement by a person who is still in love with his or her partner. One of the most difficult things for a person in love is to accept that the relationship with the loved one has reached a dead end. However, keeping a logical head during such times would go a long way in ensuring that there are no more heart breaks than what cannot be avoided.