Marriage: A Union of Two Souls

Marriage is a holy union that binds together two people for the entire life. The bond that is made is not only physical but platonic. The union is believed to be of both body and soul. What according to you is the most essential part of the marriage? It is the choosing of an ideal partner. So, in order to have a happy and peaceful life, it is essential to search for a perfect life partner. However, when it comes to choosing one's life partner, each individual has different criteria set for the selection of their life partner depending upon one's needs, likes, and dislikes.

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Understanding the types of marriages: In Indian society, the concept of arranged marriage is widespread. In these marriages, the involvement of the concerned bride and the bridegroom is not much. The selection of the life partner and the other arrangements of the ceremony are done by the parents, relatives, or other elders of the family. This system of marriage is prevalent since ancient times as the elders are considered to be more experienced and hence are expected to take the right decision. But in recent times, the concept of love marriage is also gaining ground. Today's youth is educated, independent, and capable of taking decisions. Here, the boy and girl fall in love and mutually decide to get married with the consent of their families.

Changing times and marriages: In earlier times, the process of the selection of a life partner was in the hands of elders but now the Gen Next' has its priorities and likings. Gone are those days when looks and caste were the guiding factors in a marriage. But now for youngsters, be it any type of marriage what is important is to have a suitable and compatible life partner. They look out for different factors before taking a concrete decision. Some of these criteria are :

Education: They want their partner to be well-educated. Mostly, youngsters prefer highly educated partners so as to match up with the current day trends. An educated person can keep his family protected from unnecessary evils.

Professional Compatibility: Youngsters want their partners to be working in reputed professions. People from the same professions generally gel up well.

Social Standing: This has also become one of the important criteria on which a partner is selected. Having a respectable name and a well-spread social network can help a couple solves various problems.

Understanding between the two: If the couple is aware of each other's needs then the level of understanding automatically increases.

Intellectual Approach: Being educated and being intelligent are two different things. Gen Next wants that their partners to be intelligent so as to perceive things in a better way. Having an intellectual approach helps a couple to lead a happy life with fewer clashes. Looks or appearance takes a secondary position now. Thus, as per the changed perception, a partner must possess the above-mentioned so as to maintain a healthy marriage life. The actual union of souls gets materialized only when these criteria are perfectly met.

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Marriage: A Union of Two Souls


Indian Matrimonials

06 August, 2010 at 6:10 am

Its very impressive....the way you explained about arrange marriages are quite interesting. We cant ignore the factors elders see in both bride and groom. These are the pillars to our life. Keep Posting..

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