Although the marriage has same meaning for all the tribes, communities, castes and creeds but the rituals followed by all are very different from each other. While the concept of marriage remains the same across the globe, the way of celebrating the unity of two souls differs with respect to location, caste, religion etc. Punjab is a land that is well-known for its rich culture in all the forms, be it Punjabi cuisine, Punjabi dance, poetry or a luxurious Punjabi wedding. Punjabi wedding traditions are conducted in such a way that it strongly portrays the Punjabi culture. A Punjabi wedding while upholding the richness of its culture and traditions also heightens the frolic of wedding occasion. It gives a chance to all the relatives of bride and groom to get lost in the hues of happiness and step in the door of a dream world, where all people are dressed in bright clothes, enjoying mouth watery cuisines and shaking a leg on the drumbeats at a beautifully decorated venue. The time of Punjabi wedding is the time of spreading love, happiness and laughter all around. Apart from all this, the actual charm of a Punjabi wedding lies in the elaborated customs of Punjabi culture.

Following are the customs celebrated during a Punjabi wedding :

  • Roka - A formal beginning of a relationship with a commitment between two families.
  • Shagan - offering of gifts and sweets by bride's family to the groom's family.
  • Chunni Chadava - Where presents like red saree and others are given to the bride by groom's family as a token of love.
  • Sangeet Ceremony - Performance of folk dances along with singing of traditional songs at both bride's as well as groom's place.
  • Mehndi - Applying of henna on bride's hands and foot with husband's name on it.
  • Chuda - Red and cream ivory bangles are worn by the bride, which is first rotated among all the relatives to seek their blessings.
  • Sehrabandi - The groom is tied a turban with other accessories on it, and then he is offered gifts representing good luck and love.
  • Ghodi Chadna - . The Groom climbs the mare with blessings and leaves for the wedding venue.
  • Varmala - Exchanging of wedding garlands among bride and groom.
  • Saat Phere - With the priest chanting mantras, the couple ties the knot of marriage taking seven rounds around the holy fire.

    There are many other rituals as well, which too are an indispensable part of a Punjabi wedding such as Vatna, Ghara Ghardoli, Milni, Jaago etc. All these ceremonies reflect some or the other value and is solely practiced for the welfare of the couple. Thus, Punjabi wedding is a combination of lively and joyful occasions with mixed and deep feelings.