The Most Beautiful Rituals That Makes Gujarati Wedding Special

The Most Beautiful Rituals That Makes Gujarati Wedding Special
Gujarat ranks high on the list when it comes to food. Besides, the state is also popular for being colourful. The warmth and hospitality found in Gujaratis are quite endearing to every Indian. It is their vibe and culture which is reflected in every Gujarati wedding. The ceremonies and rituals that make up a Gujarati wedding are all about joy and vibrancy.

In an Indian wedding like this, you can never feel bored but would rather have the entire family participating in different affairs. Such weddings are designed to make the most special day of one’s life memorable for a lifetime.

Simple Gujarati Wedding and the Rituals Involved

Here is a sneak peek of some of the most interesting Gujarati wedding rituals.

A Gujarati wedding starts with a process of matchmaking. The present age matchmaking is done through various matrimonial sites as well. Upon finding the right match, the first ritual of ChandloMatli happens. This function is about accepting the matrimony between the groom and bride along with their families. The groom’s family makes a visit to the bride’s family and shares a Shagun, also known as the token of love.

Gol Dhana
Gol Dhana refers to the engagement ritual in a Gujarati wedding. While Gol refers to jaggery, Dhana refers to coriander seeds. These two types of food are seen as holy for types of wedding rituals. Therefore, they are exchanged between the families of the bride and groom. Sweets and gifts are exchanged as well between the families on the day of engagement. The bride and groom also exchange a ring and end the event by seeking blessings from their elderly family members.

Mehendi and Sanjhi
The Mehendi ceremony is celebrated with much pomp by the bride’s side of the family which is then followed by a sangeet ceremony. Both of these functions include laughter and fun. Mehendi is known to adorn the hands of the bride and overall look of her before the matrimony day. Sanjhiis refer to the event where the female members of the family take part in singing songs. Sanjhiis are meant to bring laughter and positivity to everybody present.

Mangal Muhurat
Just like other Indian weddings, Gujarati matrimony includes offering prayers to Lord Ganesha before the main wedding. This is referred to as mangalmuhurat. The ceremony happens at both the houses of the bride and groom. The families seek blessings from God for overall happiness.

Pithi and Mameru
Pithi ritual features beautifying the groom and bride by turmeric application on them. This is one of the Gujarati rituals that is performed with love by the respective families. In the Mameru ceremony, the maternal uncle of the bride gifts money, and jewellery and blesses the bride.

Jaan, Varghodo and Kanyadaam

Jaan is a fun-filled event that is performed by the bride’s family upon the groom’s arrival on the day of the wedding. The ceremony is celebrated with some Gujarati wedding rituals, which also include the groom’s nose pulling by the bride’s mother. Varghodo refers to the ceremony where a groom along with his family dances and sings on their way to the bride’s house. Kanyadaan is also included in Gujarati weddings and is usually done by the bride’s daughter.

Gujarati weddings are great food, and rich and warm ceremonies followed by a plethora of interesting and sacred rituals. Based on the individual’s choice, some prefer keeping their weddings simple. Others would love adding grandeur and glory to their Gujarati weddings. Either way, Gujarati wedding ceremonies are nothing short of a visual treat.

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