5 Romantic Tips For Women To Keep The Spark Alive In Their Married Life

5 Romantic Tips For Women To Keep The Spark Alive In Their Married Life

"The grass isn’t greener on the other side. It’s green where you water it."

True indeed! The grass is not greener on the other side by itself but it’s the efforts that you put into watering it that makes it greener. The case is no different with marriage. The most successful marriages do not happen by themselves, they require efforts and dedication to become the very model of marriage. Whether you are married for a month, a year, a decade or even more, it is normal for you to complain about the initial spark being lost over time. Efforts need to be put in by both, the husband as well as the wife, to keep this spark from fading away. Below, we have compiled five tips for the doting wives to bring the spark back in their married lives. Read on to know them.

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  • Surprise Your Spouse : We all love surprises, don’t we? We’re not talking about surprising them with those extravagant and expensive gifts but the little things that can help you bring the spark back in your marriage. You can leave romantic notes for them on the fridge door, buy their favorite childhood chocolate, send flowers to their workplace, dress up for them, send them a seductive snap, cook their favorite meal, the list is endless, what matters is you find out what your husband desires and take him by surprise with your romantic gesture. Your darling husband would definitely love you for the extra effort and would shower you with his love in return.
  • Plan Romantic In-House Dates : Okay, this may take some extra efforts but the results will totally be worth it. Turn your house into a romantic date site with scented candles and flowers of your sweetheart’s choice. Cook his favorite meal and dress up in your best outfit to sway your husband off his feet. Send your kids away for one night and reserve the entire house for just the two of you. Your husband would certainly be swooned over by this gesture of yours. If you are not the cook type person, reserve a seat for the two at his favorite restaurant. Plan these dates at least once every month to keep the spark in your married life alive.
  • Experiment Under The Sheets : As time flies, so does the enthusiasm to try new things in bed. This can lead to the loss of spark from your married life. In order to keep the spark alive, it is imperative that you start experimenting under the sheets. Invest some money in some sultry and inviting clothing and dress up for him before going to bed. Don’t shy away from making the move and keep your partner excited for the night. Discuss his fantasies and try them out under the sheets. Make him yearn to come back home to you every night to keep the spark that was there during the matchmaking times alive.
  • Institute One Zero-Distraction Hour: Our lives have certainly become surrounded by technology which distracts you from enjoying the sweet pleasures of married life. Smartphones have certainly become the biggest source of distraction in everybody’s life but life wouldn’t end if you put it down for one hour each day. By instituting a policy of one zero-distraction hour each day, you can spend some quality time with your beloved life partner. The ideal time for incorporating zero-distraction hour is before bed and during breakfasts. Make use of this time to bond with your hubby and strengthen your relationship. Talk about the day and plans about it during this time, watch his favorite movie or game together or go out for a walk in the garden to make the best use of this time and keep the spark in your married life alive.
  • Keep His Opinions In Mind : Whether you are preparing for the meal or making any household decision, keep your partner’s opinions in mind. Ask for his opinions from time to time to let him know that you care about his interest. Even while you are shopping for your dresses, tag him along and try clothes for him to know his opinion. Make him realize that his opinion matters to you and let him feel special. Let him know that he is important in your life and he would certainly feel the same for you.

Bringing the spark back in your married life is not as complicated as people make it. All you need to do is put all your heart and follow the tips mentioned above to bring it back in your married life. Don’t let the demands of your daily chores overwhelm you to the point where you find it hard to connect to your loving husband. Bring back the spark and keep it alive in your marriage by following the aforementioned simple tips.

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