Key aspects of Jathagam Porutham : The delicate horoscope matching in Telugu Matrimony

Key aspects of Jathagam Porutham - The delicate horoscope matching in Telugu MatrimonyHoroscope matching, a traditional practice in Telugu matrimony, holds immense cultural significance and is deeply rooted in astrology. This process involves comparing the birth charts of the bride and groom to determine their compatibility and potential marital harmony.

Why is horoscope matching for marriage done?

Many believe that horoscope matching for Tamil matrimony helps ensure a prosperous and harmonious union. It is assessing various aspects of couples. Factors like the position of celestial bodies, doshas, flaws, and compatibility of the couple's horoscopes are considered during this process.

Proponents argue that horoscope matching offers insights into personality traits, financial stability, health, and overall compatibility, minimizing potential future conflicts.

Additionally, it is believed to provide a glimpse into the couple's potential for love, emotional bonding, and mutual understanding.

What is Jathagam Porutham in Tamil Marriage?

Jathagam Porutham, also known as horoscope matching, is integral to Tamil marriage traditions. It is a process of assessing the compatibility between the horoscopes of the prospective bride and groom.

Here are some key aspects of Jathagam Porutham


Jathagam Porutham holds great significance in Tamil culture, as it will determine the compatibility and harmony between the couple. It aims to ensure a prosperous and blissful marital life.

Astrological Factors

Several astrological factors are considerable during Jathagam Porutham. These include the birth stars (Nakshatras) of the couple, the positioning of the planets, and the influence of various celestial bodies.

Poruthams (Matches)

Jathagam Porutham involves matching various Poruthams or compatibility factors. There is a total of 10 poruthams, including

• Dinam (emotional compatibility),
• Ganam (temperament match),
• Rasi (zodiac sign compatibility), and
• Yoni (physical compatibility), among others.

Points System

Each Porutham is assigned a certain number of points, typically ranging from 1 to 8. The total points obtained indicate the overall compatibility between the horoscopes. A higher score is considered more favorable.

Doshas and Remedies

Jathagam Porutham also considers the presence of doshas (flaws) in the horoscopes. Doshas such as Rahu-Ketu dosha, Mangal dosha, and Naga dosha can affect marital harmony. The priests suggest remedies or rituals to mitigate the doshas' negative effects.

Expert Astrologers

Jathagam Porutham, an experienced astrologer, conducts this and analyzes the horoscopes. He also provides guidance to the families involved. Their knowledge and expertise play a crucial role in determining compatibility.

Decision-Making Tool

Jathagam Porutham serves as a tool for families to assess the compatibility of the prospective couple. It helps them make informed decisions about the marriage and ensures the union is favorable astrologically.

How do the priests do horoscope matching for Telugu matrimony?

Priests do horoscope matching for marriages comparing the birth charts of the prospective Telugu bride and groom. The process involves the following steps:

Gathering Birth Details:- The astrologer collects both individuals' accurate birth dates, times, and places to create their respective horoscopes.

Preparation of Horoscopes:- Based on the birth details, the astrologer creates the horoscopes. These are graphical representations of the positions of celestial bodies at the time of birth.

Matching Gunas:- The astrologer analyzes the Gunas (qualities) of the bride and groom, known as "Ashtakootas." These Gunas matching assess their compatibility.

Checking Doshas:- Doshas are astrological flaws or imbalances that may affect the couple's marital life. The astrologer identifies and evaluates any doshas in their horoscopes.

Assessing Planetary Positions:- This examines the positions of specific planets, such as Mars (Mangal) and Venus (Shukra). This is to determine their influence on the couple's compatibility and potential challenges.

Considering Houses:- The astrologer examines specific houses in the horoscope, like the 7th house (marriage), to understand the couple's potential for marital bliss.

Analyzing Manglik Dosha:- If either the bride or groom has the Manglik Dosha, caused by the placement of Mars in certain houses. Then will impact on their compatibility will be assessed.

Providing a Compatibility Score:- Based on the analysis, the astrologer assigns a compatibility score, indicating the level of harmony between the couple.

Providing Recommendations:- The astrologer may suggest remedies or rituals mitigate any identified doshas or imbalances to enhance the couple's compatibility.

Inaccuracies of Zodiac Signs in Horoscope Matching

While horoscope matching is considered beneficial in Tamil matrimony, as per growing observations zodiac signs often prove incorrect. Jathagam Porutham is ingrained in Tamil marriage customs. Individual beliefs and preferences may vary. This has led many to question the validity of matching horoscopes before proceeding with a wedding.

Couples are increasingly defying the traditional practice of horoscope matching. They find that zodiac signs frequently fail to provide accurate predictions. Such incidents have fuelled the belief that horoscope matching is unreliable.

Compatibility predictions

This is another aspect of horoscope matching that is sometimes inconsistent. Over the years, it has become evident that these predictions often do not favor the couple. Despite being an ancient practice, practical experience has shown that these predictions often turn out wrong.

Inaccuracy of zodiac signs

Some people still believe in zodiac signs, but their accuracy remains uncertain. Consequently, people have a significant contradiction regarding the effectiveness of zodiac signs. Those who no longer believe in them have their reasons for rejecting this aspect of horoscope matching.

Bottom Line of Zodiac Matches

Ultimately, the increasing number of individuals defying horoscope matching suggests that many no longer find it useful or accurate. People who once believed in horoscope matching are now reconsidering their beliefs. They are choosing not to rely on zodiac signs for their marriages.

Where can you have assistance with horoscope matching?

It is common to find matrimony websites that provide astrological services, including access to astrologers. These websites often offer features that allow you to consult with astrologers for various things. These are horoscope matching, compatibility analysis, and other astrological guidance related to marriage.

When searching for a matrimony website, look for those specifically mentioning astrological services or consultations. You can explore their services and check if they have qualified astrologers available to assist you. Ask for your queries and horoscope-related concerns.

Find a certified matrimonial website like this can be your destination to find a perfect life partner. With a user-friendly website, they are helping people find the perfect match along with additional facilities. This is like horoscope matching, decorations, event management, etc.

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