The love the Manpuris have for their culture is inevitable as they are known for their vibrant personalities and pleasant aura. All the traditions and customs of the tribes of Manipur are associated with color and grandeur. Same is associated with the Manipuri Wedding as well. All those who have seen a Manipuri Wedding will agree that the tradition is full of extravagant celebrations that take place in a colorful ambience. Read the full write-up and know all about the weddings of this beautiful community.

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Costumes Are Very Important
The wedding dress constitutes a very important part of the wedding rituals in the Manipuri Community. The bride wears the traditional Rasila Skirt, which has a splash of colors and the Groom adorns a white Dhoti-Kurta and a Turban.

Wedding Rituals
A Matei Women greets the guests- the Groom, his family and friends at the entrance of the house and offers them Betel Nut, Tamul, and Pan. The Pandal and the arrangements for the sitting are made near the Tulsi Plant of the house and the guests are directed towards them. Then a Diya is lightened in respect of the Groom and a young boy comes and washes the feet of the Groom. Next, two women from both the families put Taki Fish in water and if these fish move side to side, it is considered auspicious. Then, lavish food is offered to the Deities and the families of the bride and groom seek blessings for the married couple. The couple is then taken as life partners. An extravagant feast is organized after five days of the wedding when the bride comes to visit her parents.

People of Manipur also take Wedding to be one of the most joyous occasions. As much as they enjoy this sacred ritual of tying two people in a bond of love and affection, they understand and respect the commitment that the two share.