Everything You Need To Know About Nair Weddings

Everything You Need To Know About Nair Weddings
Marriage ceremonies in India would always be an outrageous event that is contemplated as one of the most significant happenings of an individual’s life. When it comes to the Indian wedding, none can replace its magnificence and immensity of it. As described in most matrimonial sites, Indian weddings are famous for their extreme splendour, magnanimity, and flawless commemoration of culture and lineage.

Another intriguing aspect of Indian weddings is they are a combination of miscellaneous culture, heritage and communities. Whether it’s a Bengali wedding ceremony or a conventional Nair wedding, you can get the same feeling of majesty in all of them. Among the several states of South India, the Nair wedding is considered to be the most outstanding one.

Though a traditional Nair wedding ceremony is a charming and short happening, the preparation and the manifestations are spectacular. From the wedding venue to the attire and jewellery of the bride, everything can steal your heart with its extraordinary looks and impressive designs.

Hence in the next segment of this article, we would discuss the considerable steps of a traditional Nair matrimony which may startle everyone with their facts.

Finalising the Muhurtham
The first major step of a Nair wedding is none other than finalising the Muhurtham or the timing of the wedding. This ritual is basically a pre-wedding ritual that is conducted only after consulting an astrologer.
rn The astrologer usually assesses the horoscopes of a Nair bride and Nair groom and finds out the possibilities of their relationship. If the horoscopes get matched properly, a date or Muhurtham is chosen to execute the entire wedding.

Nischayam or Engagement Ceremony
After fixing the Muhurtham, now it’s time for the Nishchayam ceremony which is none other than engagement. Before directly conducting the marriage, many people prefer to perform a small ring ceremony. Most of the Nair matrimony sites can offer you precise information on this ritual.
In this ritual, the bride and groom exchange the rings with other to establish an official relationship between them. The entire ceremony is conducted in the presence of near ones so this ceremony can be a great option to announce the date or Muhurtham of the wedding.

Ashirvad or Pre-Nuptial Blessings
After having a delightful engagement ceremony, the Nair community arrange a pre-nuptial blessing-seeking ceremony. On this day, the parents and other respected guardians of both the bride and the groom come and shower their blessings on the would-be couple.

Groom's Reception
On the auspicious day of the wedding, when the groom reaches the venue of the wedding, the bride's family warmly welcomed him and his relatives. The bride’s brother rinses the groom's feet and takes him inside the venue.

Thalikettu is a very significant step in a Nair wedding because it symbolises the connection between the bride and the groom. In this ritual, the groom ties a thali or wedding string around the bride's neck in a gorgeously decorated set up in front of the blessings of the elderly people. Most matrimony sites include this ritual in their information list because of its importance.

After the successful execution of thalikettu, the bride's father gives a betel leave on the groom's hand before placing his daughter's hand. In terms of Nair belief, this step is extremely significant.

Kanyadanam is one of the most crucial ceremonies of any Hindu wedding. In this ritual, the bride's father places his daughter's hand on the groom's hand which depicts that the be give all the responsibilities of his daughter to the groom. This ritual is supposed to be very emotional for both the father and the bride.

After completing all the wedding rituals, the signature styleKeralian food is served to the guests which include almost 25 types of dishes. Foods like rice, sambar, pickles and many more are served on a plantain leaf as per the tradition.

So these are some of the considerable rituals of Nair community weddings that can amaze anyone. You can get more detailed information about this wedding on any reputable Nair matrimony site.

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