How to Plan an Ezhava Wedding?

When planning your own Ezhava Wedding

Ezhava wedding is just like any other wedding in Kerala which is simple and short. The wedding usually takes place in a temple. If you have not attended an Ezhava wedding, then you must attend one and experience the charm it brings. Usually, the partners are chosen through word of mouth. However, due to changing trends, Malayalam Ezhava matrimony websites have become a prominent thing in today’s time. Once you have chosen your partner, then here are the things that you need to keep in mind.

A Simple and Short Wedding
When you are considering an Ezhava wedding, then do not think of something that is high profile or a big fat wedding. Because this wedding is very simple with some fun and meaningful customs and rituals. During the wedding or pre-wedding rituals, you can enjoy traditional and authentic food. The wedding rituals include nishchayam, engagement, blessing ceremony, etc.

Authentic Cuisine for Vegetarians and Non-Vegetarians
Unlike some of the other weddings in South India, Ezhava weddings have a wide spread of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Most of these dishes are traditional Kerala dishes that are served on a banana leaf. The dishes are as amazing as the wedding itself.

Wedding Dresses for Ezhava Brides and Grooms
Just like the wedding, wedding dresses are also very simple and elegant for the couple. The girl wears a white sari with golden zari. However, she can choose other colours for her pre-wedding saris. The boy simply wears a white dhoti or veshti on the wedding day, which is a traditional wear for men in South India.

There are many rituals and traditions are part of the Ezhava wedding. So, while you are planning the wedding do include these rituals.

Seeking Blessings from Lord Ganesha
Once the couple his or her life partner, both the families commence the wedding preparations with the blessing of Lord Ganesha. In this ritual, freshly decorated flowers are offered to the Lord. The families pray for positivity and seek blessings for a happy married life for the couple. Avoiding performing this small puja is considered to be unlucky for the couple. Hence, it is considered to be a necessary ritual.

Getting the Wedding Date and List of Invitees Ready
In any Indian wedding, setting up a wedding date is done through an astrologer. In a Hindu Ezhava matrimony, the family astrologer is consulted, and an auspicious date and time are chosen for the wedding. Once the muhurtham is fixed, the wedding preparation starts by preparing a list of invitees. Even though the wedding is simple, the Ezhava community likes to have people in large numbers for their family weddings.

Giving Gifts to the Couple
As part of the Nischayam ceremony, both the families come together and give gifts to the couple. As simple and easy as it may sound, it needs some pre-planning, and gifts are chosen according to the interests of the family members.

Engagement Ceremony of the Couple
Engagement is a way to let other people know that the couple is engaged and is set to get married. This ceremony too is very simple and may not necessarily involve ring exchange. In this ceremony, the elders of both the families shower their blessings on the couple and give gifts.

Fun-Filled Ritual – Kasi Yatra
This is the best and fun-filled ritual of an Ezhava wedding. In this ritual, once the couple is declared married, they are supposed to pretend to go to Kasi yatra. During this ritual, the brother of the bride is supposed to stop them.

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