Know the Rituals of a Traditional Christian Matrimony
Jesus never got married! But he is the one who taught everyone the sacredness and importance of marriage. He says God is the creator of mankind as male and female who becomes one flesh by marrying each other. So, Christian matrimony joins two people to a single flesh and they believe that God has united them in an inseparable bond. The Christian community believes that the wedding is a lifelong bond between a man (husband) and a woman (wife).

Marriage from a different point of view by the Christians –

• The conservative Christians believe that marriage is the closest relationship between humans. It is a gift of God and thus is a holy institution.
• Protestants believe that it is a sacred community of faith.
• Catholics and all the Eastern Orthodox Christians believe it is a sacrament.

Christian Matchmaking:

Matchmaking is common in the Christian community just as it is in the other communities of the country. And, still today, arranged marriages are pretty persistent.

In India, the core Christian population is majorly concentrated in the southern part of the country. And a few are in the North-East and Konkani coastal regions. Every Christian likes to marry in their respective denominations and matches are normally fixed following a similar rule among their communities.

For example – Catholic Cristian brides would prefer to get married in Catholic families and not in the Protestants or Lutherans or Presbyterians.

To fix a Christian wedding, modern generation youngsters prefer finding their perfect partner through the online Christian matrimonial services. Actually, it is a comfortable way to find their exact match within a quick time and with the permission of their family members. But the rest is similar to the traditional method of arranging weddings. The families of the bride and groom meet together to fix the wedding date.
rnThen there comes a certain courtship period when the boy and girl get to know each other. Compatible matches agree to get married. In a south Indian Christian community, the families of the groom seal the discussion about dowries and commit to the Shaadi. The whole ceremony is called ‘badalchen’.

Pre-wedding rituals:

Engagement – It is an important event in the Christian Shaadi. In the traditional culture, the groom presents a ring to his would-be wife. He places it on her finger in the presence of their family members. The ritual signifies the engagement of the boy to the girl. Before the ritual is performed, the ring needs to get sanctified by the priest of the church or the venue. Many other gifts including perfumes, clothes, handkerchiefs, etc. are offered by the Christian grooms and their family members. An engagement party is followed by the ceremony.

Bridal shower - After the engagement is performed, the family members and relatives of the bride fix a day for throwing her a bridal shower. It’s mainly the celebrations of the young cousins and her close friends who decide to take out the bride on a joyous night together. A party is thrown where games are arranged and songs are played, and finally, they shower her with useful gifts. According to the Christian tradition, a pink cake is served where a silver thimble remains hidden. Whoever gets it is believed to get married next.

Bachelor party – It is similar to the bridal shower which is arranged for the groom by his close friends and young cousins.

Roce ceremony - It is a kind of anointing ceremony that is celebrated by the Christian communities of Konkan and Goa. It actually symbolizes the Haldi ceremony celebrated in the other parts of India. The bride and her life partner take a ritualistic bath at their respective house. Both of them need to get anointed by oil and their family members make cross with the oil on their foreheads. Then roce or coconut juice is rubbed on their body. After finishing all these, the bride and her would-be life partner get a good bath with water. A roce prayer is sung during the ritual. After that dinner is served with drinks.

Matrimonial Attires:

For a typical Christian marriage ceremony, grooms prefer wearing formal suits. It remains generally a white or black suit according to the wedding theme. His shirt remains white with a boutonniere on the jacket.

rnBut for the Christian brides, most of them do not wear the traditional white lathered gown today. In the southern part of the country, sarees are in trend as wedding attire. The color of the sarees varies between beige, gold, and white. But the Konkani and Goan Christians still prefer wearing gowns over sarees.

Wedding Rituals:

Welcoming the bride – On the morning of the D-Day, the female relatives and family members of the groom come at the house of the bride to offer her bridal outfits, jewelry, and fruits.

The wedding mass – Prior to the actual marriage ceremony, a wedding mass is organized among the Roman Catholic Christians.

The Wedding Vows – After the wedding mass is over, the priest begins the marriage ceremony.

Celebrating the marriage – First occurs the ring exchange ceremony. Among the south Indian Christians, there is a supplementary custom of tying a thali around the neck of the bride.

After the marriage ceremony is over, the reception party begins.

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