Are you planning to get married in summer? If yes, then there are certain things you need to keep track of Deciding to marry in the summer season has its share of fun and charm. The weather is preferred by many for the warmness it brings and seems to be just right for wearing a smart wedding dress. Taking care of a few things can ensure that you enjoy your summer wedding and create special memories that last a lifetime. Since every season affects our lifestyle in a certain way, so planning for a summer wedding should also account for several things that will make this experience all the more pleasurable.

Plan Ahead : First of all, start planning very soon for a summer wedding because all months from May till August are the busiest time of the year for weddings. Any later and you will miss out on the best locations and the most coveted wedding finery. Organizing in advance has its share of benefits because you never know how hot the weather will be at the time of your wedding or whether it will rain. Advance booking for food arrangements and location will ensure that you can have the best options for yourself.

Makeup and Hair : The wedding day is the one day when even the simplest of the people, decide to totally transform their appearance. Makeup and Hair need special care in the summer season if you want to look your best on the wedding day. Here are some points to consider:

  • Use foundation sparingly and the complete makeup should be sweat proof and water proof
  • Touch ups at frequent intervals are necessary to maintain your look
  • Keep a pack of cold, moisturizing tissues to save your skin in the sweltering weather
  • Humidity can play havoc with your hair, so have it set into place with a good hair setting spray

Health : Have a lot of cool fruits in the pre-wedding days and drink lots of water on the wedding day itself to keep your whole body hydrated. The wedding day is as exciting as well as tiring so keeping your body fit for the D-day is very important.

Dress : Every bride wants to look ravishing and every groom wants to look the most handsome on this special day. Deciding to go for an elaborate outfit is obvious but you should remember to wear something you can be sure of carrying off the whole day.

Location : Zeroing in on the location for a wedding needs to involve several aspects, the foremost of them being an outdoor or indoor location. Indoor weddings are easier and more comfortable for the summer months and it is an added bonus if you can arrange for waterworks on the display. Decoration with fresh flowers is usual but they do tend to wilt in the scorching heat. A good idea is to go for a setting with artificial flowers and a cool theme that will look good throughout the day.

Food : Food must be as light as possible and in summers you have an excellent option of having fresh and juicy fruits. In addition include cool foods with special herbs in the menu, so that everybody has a gala time enjoying the buffet.

Enjoying a cool wedding in summers is like a dream come true and it can surely be made possible by a few changes here and there. The summer season has its own attraction and if you plan well, then you can definitely have the wedding that you have always dreamt of.