Personality Traits Attributed by the Birth Date

A lot many astrological aspects attribute to your overall personality as an individual and so does the day of the month you were born on, that is- your Birth Date. Don't confuse it with your Date of Birth, which is the date and the year of your birth. When we say 'Birth Date', exclude the year from it- it's just the day of the month you were born on- first, thirty-first or whatever. Astrology maintains that the arrangement of celestial bodies varies for each day of the month and thus every celestial pattern inspires different dispositions in the individual born on that day of the month. Just read through and make out what traits of your personality have been attributed by your Birth Date.

  • 1st People born on the first of a month are energetic and vivacious in attitude. They view things from logical and analytical perspective. Lest some weakness should be divulged, they shrink from the display of emotions and keep them to themselves. Desire to lead is intrinsic in these people and they relish the opportunities to demonstrate their skills.
  • 2nd Those born the second day of a month usually display a variety of distinctive dispositions- they are often utopian, moody, sensitive and emotional, and sometimes perceptive. Such people happen to be introverts and feel uneasy when surrounded by a large group. They need to be solaced by their loved ones when caught in an affliction.
  • 3rd This date of birth causes an individual to be expansive and amiable in essence. Such people are having wanderlust in relationships and they are always on the move. They are blessed with superb communication skills and are adept at swaying people by virtue of their forte of communication.
  • 4th People born on this day of the month are systematic, meticulous and upwardly mobile. Their family is pivotal to them. They can be very obstinate once they have made a decision.
  • 5th 5th day of the month renders an effusive and versatile disposition to the individuals born on this day. They possess a lust for novelty and adventure, and yearn to probe the unexplored. A mundane and uneventful life turns them off and they are always on a hunt for novelty and var.
  • 6th Those born on the 6th day of a month are headstrong, sensitive and tender. They are doting people who revel in the responsibilities that relations bring to them. They are not deterred by adversities and show perseverance. However, their benevolence can make them prone to being swindled.
  • 7th People born on this day are tender, reticent and discerning, and they live in their own minds. They are very tight-lipped when it comes to expressing emotions and so they might be misreckoned as unfeeling people. But as a matter of fact, they are very emotional but only find it hard to unveil their sentiments.
  • 8th This day of birth causes the individuals to be desirous and enterprising, and they are often materialistic people toiling hard for material prosperity. Financial issues interest them and they revel in managing money affairs. Needless to say, such people make very good businessmen. You can't beguile such people with ease.
  • 9th People born on the 9th day of the month are imaginative and have creative bent of mind. They revel in a career where they find a vent for their creativity. They are rational, utopian and patient. However, they might just get stranded in inapt relationships, which bring miseries to them.
  • 10th People born on this day of the month boast immense confidence and are very resolute. They have an optimistic approach towards life and manage various devoirs simultaneously and yet efficiently. They are born conversationalists and thus make successful sellers.
  • 11th Those born on the eleventh day of a month are perceptive and remarkably able persons. However, their ever-swinging humour is some sort of a threat to their potential. They possess the remarkable endowment to motivate others with their illuminating ideas.
  • 12th People born on this date are captivating and magnetic personalities and can win hearts of those around with their forte of communication. Sense of humour is innate in them and they can be imaginative as well. However, they tend to be a bit restless and expect things to happen too quickly.
  • 13th Individuals with this date of birth are systematic and highly industrious and are dedicated to their duties. They possess the resolve as well as the potential to come up in life. They may sometimes feel overpowered by the circumstances and can feel disheartened. Anyway, they generally prosper in life.
  • 14th Courage, stalwartness, and a lust for adventure are inborn in the individuals who are born on the fourteenth day of a month. Inability to concentrate well is a pronounced flaw in them and they are easily distraught. They leave tasks unfinished as they are fed up too soon with monotony.
  • 15th People born on this day of the month are pragmatic, committed, and liberal in outlook. They always come forward when someone they know is facing a crisis and can even perceive if someone is in the need of a moral support. They are also ardently devoted to their loved ones.
  • 16th This date of birth causes the individuals to be contemplative, introverted and scrupulous in disposition. They keep their ideas to themselves and shy from divulging them to others. Physical display of emotions is not their taste.
  • 17th Those born on the seventeenth day of a month are resolute by nature and work assiduously to achieve their goals. They might be confronted with impediments on their way to success, but ultimately they do achieve what they intend to.
  • 18th People born on this date are compassionate, liberal and count on their resourcefulness to face up to the odds in life. They may be very accommodating and considerate to others, but they themselves may need to look to others for guidance in face of a quandary.
  • 19th If someone is born on the nineteenth of a month, he will be utopian, dutiful as well as ambitious. He'll have multifarious abilities and won't like others to intervene in his matters.
  • 20th Twentieth of month makes the people born on this date amiable, eloquent, and affable in nature. However, with the mood-swings that they often experience, they may sometimes turn into introverts. They may have a few companions whose friendship they cherish for life.
  • 21st Those born on the twenty-first day of a month are intellectual, engaging and creative. At times, they may be temperamental as well and their mood may sway all of a sudden. Even a trifling issue can cause them to repine over for a long time and they easily get dejected.
  • 22nd People with this day of birth are efficient, but might go through many tough times in life; they are often confronted with afflictions that most others may not have ever experienced. They have an otherworldly air about them.
  • 23rd Those born on the twenty-third day of the month are perceptive, warm and considerate. They have an accommodating disposition and they also cherish taking up challenges.
  • 24th People born on this day of the month are inherently exuberant and animate . They are upwardly mobile and their pragmatic and optimistic outlook helps them to scale great heights in their career.
  • 25th Tenderness, sensitiveness, and sometimes a second sight are the attributes of the individuals born on the twenty-fifth day of the month. They take offense easily and renege at once if at all they feel hurt. They don't socialise straightaway.
  • 26th Those born on the twenty-sixth day of the month can be obstinate and somewhat hostile in nature. However, they soften on seeing their loved ones or friends in dire straits and turn generous and readily extend their help.
  • 27th People born on twenty-seventh day of the month are resolute, credulous, and ardent by nature. They are extremists and don't easily forget or forgive once they feel offended. When they are forbidden to act according to their wish, they can turn freakish and sentimental.
  • 28th If someone is born on this date of the month, he or she would be generous, cuddly, and a genuine person. However, such people hate to be commanded over and like to do their own thing. At times, they can be freakish as well.
  • 29th Those born on this date are idealists and live in a world of imagination. However, they may be disheartened on occasions as their wild fancies usually fail to materialise. Thus, they often fall in the ambush of despondency and need assurance from their loved ones.
  • 30th Thirtieth day of a month instills intellect, workmanship, and an affectionate disposition in the individuals born on this day of the month. Such people are greatly resolute and persevere in all odds till they make their way to success. They are extreme peelers and seldom relax.
  • 31st People born on thirty-first day of a month are born organisers and boast intrinsic administrative capability. They usually begin from the rock bottom positions in career but end up in scaling the great heights and reach up to top-notch positions. They are loyal and sincere in friendship.
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