Wedding Rituals

So deep-rooted is the cultural heritage of India that the customs and traditions, which had once originated several ages ago with the fabrication of various social and religious groups, have come a long way down the ages, and still are an undistinguishable part of our social make-up. In fact, these ceremonial sacraments are the very gist and spirit of India; and who knows better the subtle joy of traditions and rituals, and the bliss of identifying with one's roots, than we Indians do.

Otherwise engrossed in our everyday life, we find the opportunity to realize our identity and roots in these ceremonies. Weddings are certainly the biggest and the most vivacious of all such events of social gatherings. And like all other ceremonies, weddings too are interspersed with various rites and rituals, which are the very life and blood of the all the ceremonies in India.

"Unity in Diversity" has always been the appellation for our varied cultural heritage. Acquaint yourself with how the rites and rituals of various social clusters are diverse, and yet entwined with the same thread of alikeness.

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