About to get married?

Pre Marital Medical Tests for You and Your Life Partner

Getting married is a special phase filled with excitement and activity that chalks out a new course of life for the couple. As they step into a new world with dreams in their eyes and the life-partner by their side, vows are made to keep them together forever.

Compatibility is the key to success in any relationship and more so in the case of marriage. The understanding stems from the acceptance and adjustments. Physical compatibility is one aspect that can be easily adjudged by the well-being and health of both partners.

A stitch in time saves nine. The current generation finds a medical examination as the most rational option and a sound start to a new relationship. This increasing awareness is leading to a more healthy approach towards the beginning of a new phase in life.

The primary area of concern lies on the reproductive ability and the sexually transmitted diseases of both the partners.

Though a majority still shies away yet people are fast becoming aware of HIV. Another necessary test is Hepatitis B test. Blood group compatibility may not be of great importance except in case of Rh factors not matching in the partners wherein it can be harmful for the couple's second child. Besides these tests it is very necessary to test for Thalassemia Trait.

Besides these tests, counseling would help the couple to address and discuss a varied range of post-marital issues including the new roles, the responsibilities, the social impacts, habits and customs.

The couple hence would embark on this journey on a more confident note well equipped with the tips to success and a healthy life-partner to share the sweet moments of life.

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