Tips For Happy Married Life

A word of caution before you set sail on the bizarre journey called Married Life -a journey, which is sometimes as captivating as a walk in the clouds, and which at times, is cold and crushing like a ride on a bumpy and dusty country road.

Now that you have booked your one-way ticket to the moon, and you are all set with your luggage packed, it's only wise to get an idea beforehand of what might be in store for you and what all junctures you may come across, for it's a journey full of uncertainties!

Here's a word of wisdom from the veteran travelers who have purveyed all their experience for the benefit of the novices.

In the first place, try to accept that your partner is like this only. Don't be bothered by thinking how he or she should have been - it will only leave you disgruntled and will lead to differences, and then clash and gloom. Still, if you feel that your partner has certain very obnoxious habitudes, you can seek to reform him or her gradually, but you should maneuver the whole thing with such shrewdness that your loved one doesn't feel hurt.

Don't expect a drastic change. You must realize that the old dispositions happen to be die-hard more often than not. It's wiser to try and change those habits first, which seem less obstinate and would give way easily.

Never try to force your viewpoint on your spouse lest he or she should feel offended. Say your piece in an affectionate way. The best time to express your viewpoint is when your partner is in a good spirit. Incase you feel that conversation is on the verge of transforming into an heated argument, shrewdly change the topic of discussion and wait for a better moment to express yourself.

Don't assume yourself to be a know-it all. We are often wrong when we are cocksure about being right. Always be considerate about your mate's point of view. Sometimes, it may be you yourself who is in the need of learning a thing or two from your mate.

Never ever try to change the attitude of your spouse by humiliating him or her. This will only result in clash of egos - the biggest menace to a peaceful and happy married life.

A point may come when the two of you my become so accustomed to each other that you may take each other for granted and thus start neglecting each other. The married life in such a situation becomes monotonous. To keep off such a situation, you should always make your partner feel special. Express your emotions; never assume that they'll be understood anyway. Try going for outings as often as possible. Celebrate special occasions like birthdays and especially your marriage anniversary. The idea may sound too obsolete; but believe us, it works miraculously!

When an anxiety or an apprehension hangs heavy on you, share it with your partner. He or she may not come up with a ready solution, but you'll feel lighter. And once you are at ease, you'll feel all the strength in the world to have a go at anything!

Watch your word if at all a brawl breaks. The sudden burst of animosity will pass soon, but your words; if too bitter, will be etched in the memory of your partner forever. Later you'll realize that you didn't mean what you actually said in a gush of exasperation, but it might be too late.

Be more cognizant of the harmony of your relationship if both of you are working. A clash of egos is inevitable when you try to compete with eachother. What's more threatening is that most working couples develop a rivalry without being conscious of it. So better be watchful.

Finally, always be headstrong and show perseverance in the face of hard times. Always be sure when faced with an affliction that this epoch will pass too, and sooner or later, the good times will be there again!

So while you embark on the journey of a lifetime, treasure our pragmatic travel tips, which will prove more than handy when your journey becomes tumultuous, and the jolts begin to pester you.

We wish you the Best of Journey!
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