Things to Remember for a Happy Married Life

Your wedding can be an event to luxuriate in for anybody but you. When everybody else is in a festive mood, it's only you who has to make sure that your wedding, for any reasons, doesn't end up being an embarrassing affair. And for that, you need to devise the whole affair with proper scheming and the forethought of all the requisites.

Our all-inclusive wedding planner will keep you from forgetting even the slightest necessity, so that in the time to come, you always narrate the anecdotes of your wedding with a smile!

Enumerated below are the various aspects that you need to plan with prudence in order to make your wedding a memorable affair:

  • Since the money matters the most, so the very first aspect you need to pay heed to is the budgeting. Prepare a rough estimate of all likely expenses way before, and stick to the plan while spending. The estimate of your spending should rather be less than the actual sum you have in hand. This will be of great help in accommodating the unexpected expenses.
  • Split the budget for different expenses in a prioritized manner. You should always be sure how much you need to spend for which requirement.
  • Prepare a list of the guests to be invited as early as possible. If you shelve this task for later, some of the names may slip your mind and you'll always feel sheepish while facing them.
  • Make arrangements for the stay of the guests who are coming from out of station. If some of them are going to stay at your residence, arrange the extra bedding well in advance.
  • Finalize the wedding venue and get it booked in advance in case it is going to be a banquet hall or a hotel to avert last-minute hassles. Similarly, book other services beforehand like caterers, professional photographer, florist, audition musicians or the DJ, lightning services, music band, the purohit, mehndi artist etc.
  • Do the most common homework like deciding on the meals menu, design of the invitation cards, type of wedding in terms of pomp or sobriety, the rituals to follow incase it's an inter-cast or inter-religion wedding and so on.
  • Ask for counsel from your family members and relatives. In fact, you should seek their ministration as much as possible. Experience counts the most in organizing such matters.
  • Get your wedding attire prepared at least one week prior to the day of wedding so that you can try and see if it fits you well and looks good enough to be worn on the great occasion, and replaced if it doesn't.
  • Since two families are involved and both would be managing the affair, it's always proper to apportion the obligations for different tasks. This will ease off the burden considerably from both sides and will help avoid chaos.
  • Meet the various service providers well in advance and ask for citations. You'll thus have enough time to weigh the charges of one against the other. Your decision for booking one should be a middle course between the quality of the service and the economy.

We have equipped you with all the aspects that are worth planning before the grand occasion. We hope our assistance will go a long way in making your wedding a memorable affair!

We wish you a very happy married life!
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