Know About Your Sun Sign

  • ARIES (Mar 20 - Aprl 19)
    Belonging to Fire element, this sun-sign displays all the signs of being fiery. Aries people are energetic, extraordinarily strenuous and stalwart and often have a very strong determination. Always straightforward, they can't put up with deceit or knavery and always appreciate righteousness, since they expect others to be exactly the way they are- upright. They are easily exasperated and express their commotion with a very much fire-like fierceness; in fact they display all their sentiments, be it admiration or aggravation, with equal intensity and forcefulness. Their forthrightness and gullibility makes them approachable and trustworthy. In general, righteousness, spontaneity and a fire-like intensity are the keywords that personify an Aries individual.
  • TAURUS (Aprl 20 - May 19)
    Governed by planet Venus, Taurus individuals are warm and sensitive in essence, very much like the Librans. But basically it's the Earth element that they belong to which renders them their distinctive disposition. Earth is the symbol of strength, patience and stability. Much in the same way, the individuals belonging to this sun sign are the personification of all these attributes. Quest for stability is the distinctive quirk that singles out the Taurus Bulls. They often have fixed ideas and resist changes, as the Earth element instigates in them a longing for constancy and stableness. Needless to say, they shrink from taking risks and are very conservative. But once a Taurus has attained its much-valued stability, it is ready to deliver and works as industriously as a bull itself.
  • GEMINI (May 20 - June 20)
    The Air element instills energy and vivaciousness in the individuals belonging to this sun-sign. Gemini individuals are outgoing and outright in approach and are full of ideas. They have a bang-up grasp of things and have an inquisitive disposition- willing to fasten on everything. In contrast with Taurus Bulls, they despise a monotonous and immutable life and are always on a lookout for transition. Brains and exquisite wit are synonymous to the Gemini individuals and they possess infectious exuberance and intensity about life. They are the people who believe in living life to its fullest.
  • CANCER (June 21 - July 21)
    Governed by the Water element, Cancerians are sensitive beings, for whom the love and security are of prime concern in life. They luxuriate in the exchange of emotions and need an ambience of love and comfort. Some Cancerians may belong to a mystical plane and may well perceive extrasensory communication- that is, related to the sixth sense. Cancerians are exceedingly industrious and often work with utter devotion and diligence. Moon is the ruler of this sun-sign, so the individuals belonging to this sign are equally mutable like the moon itself and their humour fluctuates frequently.
  • LEO (July 22 - Aug 22)
    Simply the most dynamic of all sun-signs, Leo individuals are firebrands, since fire is the element they belong to. This element induces in the individuals a tremendous confidence, desire to lead, motivate and create. The Leos relish being the center of attraction and being listened to. They are candid and daring in attitude and possess a big heart. The bold spirit they possess is infectious and renders them a charming disposition. A cardinal urge to lead and rule is innate in all Leos.
  • VIRGO (Aug 23 - Sep 21)
    The individuals belonging to this sun-sign, inspired by the Earth sign, seek stability and form, working assiduously to achieve a staunch foundation. Ruled by the planet Mercury, the individuals of this sign are humble and modest, and they don't mind not being recognised for their hard work. They sometimes suffer from low confidence and misreckon their potential. Being too much self-conscious impairs their endowment and this attitude sometimes distends to an extent of too much of low-esteem. Tenacity is an inherent virtue in the Virgos but being too much of a perfectionist sometimes gets them left in the lurch. Some self-confidence and lightheartedness will do wonders for the too self-conscious individuals of this sun-sign.
  • LIBRA (Sep 22 - Oct 22)
    The sun-sign delineated by the scales seeks balance and harmony in life. Librans are characterized by a great aesthetic sense. They need a certain amount of beauty around them to feel happy and often have refined tastes. Romantic nature is the other appellation that typifies the Librans. They are ardently passionate and possessive whenever they fall in love. (And they do so quite often!) Librans are diplomatic since they strike balance in everything. Aesthetic sense and zest for refinement sometimes distends to an artistic bent of mind. Most Librans are perceptive to various art forms and many of them are good artists themselves as well. However, charming Librans have a very pronounced flaw- their indecisiveness. In their zeal for seeking balance in everything, they sometimes become too wishy-washy to decide on even trifling issues.
  • SCORPIO (Oct 23 - Nov 21)
    Water sign ingrains introversion in the Scorpions. Often, their disposition is not too easy to comprehend. The murky depths of the Water may be too hazy and that causes the Scorpions to be somewhat enigmatic characters. However, on probing in the depths of a Scorpio personality, one comes across love and sensitiveness. But their possessive nature in the matters of love can turn them into extremists and jealousy can crop up as well. Some balancing force is required to rectify the Scorpion Rage.
  • SAGGITARIUS (Nov 22 - Dec 21)
    Fire-inspired Saggitarians are extroverted, vivacious, and effusive in essence. They ooze with energy, and always like to be in action to reach the goals they set for themselves. Extroversion is an innate attribute in Sagittarians and they are essentially easygoing and amiable people. But they are not merely happy-go-lucky people concerned about nothing- in fact they uphold certain very discerning and penetrating philosophies about life. Inconstancy of stimulus renders them a spellbindingly engaging personality. In fact, it's the urge for transition and diversity that provides them the driving force to get going and they never shrink from innovation. However, the lust for transition can sometimes be too overpowering if some balancing energy isn't there to counterbalance the urge to change too frequently. Perceptiveness is required to offset the too-wild fire of the Saggis.
  • CAPRICON (Dec 22 - Jan 19)
    The Goat is the most dynamic of all the Earth signs. The Capricorns are confident and boast immense endowment to focus and toil hard. They are conceivably the most industrious of all the sun-signs and they are also always assured of themselves. Like all the Earth sun-signs, the Capricorn too does value stability, and the accomplishments that come as a reward of concentration and hard work do provide them the stability they seek. All these balanced virtues make the Capricorns great go-getters. However, they must not be overwhelmed by their pursuit for achievements lest they miss the little joys of life.
  • AQUARIUS (Jan 20 - Feb 17)
    This sun sign, ruled by planet Uranus, instigates exalted brains coupled with great communication skills in the individuals. Aquarians may seem quaint and freakish in attitude but this may just be an exposition of their unprecedented intellect. Nonetheless, they are substantially social beings and they believe in sharing with others. Desire for mutability gets them going and they have a craving for new things in life. However, the same quest for novelty allows them to master nothing, though they might know tits and bits of everything. Consequently, their possibilities of grand success in life are smothered. Thus, they need to slow down a bit in order to do justice to their galvanizing energy and enthusiasm.
  • PISCES (Feb 18 - Mar 19)
    Governed by the Neptune, this sun-sign belongs to water element. As with the Scorpios, one needs to probe beneath the hazy depths of water to have an insight of the true self of the Pisceans. Like Cancerians, they can also perceive extra-sensory things. They discern everything around them but keep the secret to themselves without exhibiting anything to anyone. Lack of assertiveness can lead them to the fatal ambush and they can be trapped by helplessness and dependency on others. In such situations, they must remember that they deserve as much of cooperation from others as they do extend to others. Confidence and assertiveness make the Pisceans an even energy.
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