Perfect Zodiac Compatibility

  • ARIES (Mar 20 - Apr 19)

    Some Leo person is made for you

    Both of you will share a passionate and ardent relationship. Though your relation will occasionally be tumultuous; since both of you are of fiery temperament, the relationship will last a lifetime owing to the passionate relationship you'll share. Discords will cloud your relationship many a times, but they will be ephemeral and in the end you'll kiss the disharmony away. However, you should abstain from displaying your love publicly; heated arguments should also be abstained from in public. You'll be endowed with a happy and loving family and there will be bliss in your domestic life, though some occasional contentions will keep ruffling. To keep the wrangles and discord at bay, you must refrain from flirts. Also, don't allow jealousy and over possessiveness to overpower you. And interestingly, it'll be the occasional conflicts only that will keep your relationship from becoming humdrum and you'll always return to each other with a revived passion.

    LEO (July 22 - Aug 22)
  • TAURUS (Mar 20 - Apr 19)

    A Cancerian is bound to sweep you off your feet

    The driving force would be Home which is pivotal to both of you. You both will prefer to have a home in countryside away from the madding city life, and you'd love to spend most of the time at home. If at all you settled with a home in a city, both of you'll make sure that it has lots of windows allowing profuse sunshine to peep in. The romantic, attentive, tender and affectionate nature are the unifying features. Both of you will be doting to your children and you'll make loving parents, so much so that you'd do anything for your children. Innately, both of you are reticent, but you have a clairvoyant way of communicating with each other. Health wise, you need to be cognizant about not putting weight. This is because both of you love food and shun physical exercise. Since you cherish each other's company, you'll be better off taking exercises together to avert weight gain.

    CANCER (June 21 - July 21)
  • GEMINI (Apr 20 - May 19 )

    The Sagitarian makes a perfect match for you

    The two of you share a fascinating relation- it's frisky and prankish and you revel in teasing each other playfully. Freshness and novelty will always bloom in your relation, thanks to the unusual effervescent affinity between the two of you. The passion of the early stages will ripen into deep and mature understanding later on in life, and the relation will always be gratifying. Your children will be the chips off the same blocks, as they'll take after you in being humorous and witty. The family will thus be a blissful one. However, time may be the only constraint. You'll always feel the want of spending some more time with each other as your life will primarily be a social one and abounding in communication and conversation with the others. So both of you should snatch some privy moments to be with each other and the family to add the glitters to the marital bliss.

    SAGGITARIUS (Nov 22 - Dec 21)
  • CANCER (June 21 - July 21)

    You are made for some Taurean

    The affinity between the two of you is basically in terms of your conception about the domestic life. To both of you, the home will be cardinal and you'll aspire to have a home in countryside surrounded by scenic environs. In case you are fettered to have a home in a city, you will love it to have lots of windows so that lavish sunshine could peek in. Both of you will fancy spending maximum time at home. Both of you are romantics at heart which add to the perfect vibes. You'll have a happy family and will make cuddly parents, ready to sacrifice anything for the sake of your children. Inherently, both of you are taciturn but communication is'nt a hindrance as both of you are intuitive and perceptive. However, you need to be vigilant health-wise, since both of you are prone to putting on weight as you love food and abhor exercise. As you relish being together, you can take exercise in each other's company.

    TAURUS (Mar 20 - Apr 19)
  • LEO (July 22 - Aug 22)

    An Aries person is your perfect suitor

    Yours will be a vehement and an impassioned relation and you'll be blessed with a blissful domestic life. But since both of you possess a hotheaded disposition, the relation will intermittently be turbulent. However, by virtue of the passionate relationship that you'll have, the relation will persist for a lifetime. Though the disharmony will keep ruffling you almost frequently, but ultimately you'll always forget and forgive, and return to each other with a renewed passion. To keep the wrangles and discord at bay, you must refrain from flirts. Also, don't allow jealousy and over possessiveness to crop up. In fact, it will be these occasional brawls that will keep the humdrum away. But no matter how vehement the affection is you must desist from the public display of your love. Also, you must refrain from washing the dirty linen in public. An ounce of trust and understanding would do loads of good.

    ARIES (Mar 20 - Apr 19)
  • VIRGO (Aug 23 - Sep 21)

    The Capricornians would be the ideal match

    Both of you are diligent and industrious and that accounts for the wonderful chemistry between the two of you. Both of you being methodical, discerning, and mathematically sound, tend to be business-oriented. You'll share a friends-like nexus and will revel in each other's company. Integrity will be the key to your relationship and both of you will be forthright to each other. However, your industrious nature threatens to be an impediment in your relation, and at some stage, you might just begin to overlook each other, especially after your concern is diverted to parenting. A bit of ardency in relationship and occasional surprises will do wonders to your relationship when caught in such a plight. And though the relation will never become jaded, yet you need to do your best to sustain the bloom. Add a dash of excitement to your day-to-day life for the perfect vibes.

    CAPRICON (Dec 22 - Jan 19)
  • LIBRA (Sep 22 - Oct 22)

    The Aquarians make the consummate match

    Your intellectuality calls for the interplay at a cerebral level, so an Aquarian is a perfect companion for you. Both of your foster various art forms like music, literature, movies and you revel in learning and traveling. Your balanced outlook makes a deadly combination with the futuristic revelries of your partner (The Aquarians tend to dream way ahead of the times). You love to have long conversations and going out for long strolls. This like-mindedness explains the ardent affinity that you share. A carnal ardour keeps the fire burning. The children you'll have will be intellectuals (after all, kids ought to take after their parents, of course!). And above all, the innate resolute nature of the Aquarians will make up for the indecisive nature of Librans. So everything is balanced, dear Libra, and balance is what you cherish the most, don't you?

    AQUARIUS (Jan 20 - Feb 17)
  • SCORPIO (Oct 23 - Nov 21)

    The Pisceans make the best match for you

    Both of you have a cognate disposition as you are sensitive, sentimental and clairvoyant, and this affinity causes your relation to really click. You tend to inspire great love in each other and you will be very tender and indulgent to each other. Your relationship will be characterised by romance, carnal passion and a subtlety; in short a consummate melding. But the flaw in your near-perfect relation is that both of you tend to feel offended too easily. Your tempers tend to fly while your partner would sulk at these times. Also, you are prone to jealousy and over-possessiveness. So better try and never allow these sick emotions to surface lest the relation should be marred. Remember these occasional gushes of ill feelings are the only menace to the otherwise near-perfect match of yours. A bit of thoughtfullness and cool composure would strengthen the bonds and add glitter to your life.

    PISCES (Feb 18 - Mar 19)
  • SAGGITARIUS (Nov 22 - Dec 21)

    The Geminis are connately suited to you

    The relation you share is fresh and vivacious. You love to be playful and sprightly to each other so each day is bound to be different from the previous one. The relation being bubbly will always abound in novelty and bloom owing to the effervescence of your relation. The early passion will mature into deep understanding as you progress in life. Your children will take after you in being humorous and witty. The family life will thus abound with bliss and happiness. However, you'll occasionally feel that you are not getting enough leisure to spend with each other since yours will be a life essentially social and abundant in interaction and communication with the others. Try to fix this up by segregating some quality time for your loved ones. Brief outings, ocassional dinners would add the zing to your family life.

    GEMINI (Apr 20 - May 19)
  • CAPRICON (Dec 22 - Jan 19)

    Your providential match is the Virgo

    The amazing affinity amongst the two of you is on account of the assiduous and sedulous disposition that both of you possess. You are likely to make good entrepreneur since both of you are meticulous, astute and good with numbers. The nexus between you two will be friends-like and you'll relish togetherness. Uprightness in relation will be of utmost significance and both of you will be straightforward in presenting your opinions. Yet, it's the assiduous nature of yours that menaces to be a bar in your domestic life. Take care that you don't start neglecting each other at any stage of your married life, especially after the children are born. Some passion and occasional surprises will keep the fire burning. Though the relation will never become a fatigued one, yet you must be cautious about retaining the freshness in your relationship.

    VIRGO (Aug 23 - Sep 21)
  • AQUARIUS (Jan 20 - Feb 17)

    Providentially, you are born for some Libran

    Your intellectuality demands the interplay at an intellectual level, so a Libran is the perfect companion for you. Both of your appreciate various art forms like music, literature, movies and you take pleasure in learning and traveling. You love to have long discourses and going out for long promenades. This like-mindedness explains the vehement fondness that you share. A voluptuous desire keeps the fire burning. The balanced persona of your partner would keep your overtly futuristic desires just at bay. The children you'll have will be intellectuals (after all, they ought to take after their parents, of course!) owing to the vast exposure. And above all, the innate resolute nature of yours will counterbalance the wishy-washy nature of your partner (the Librans are innately indecisive). And that makes a perfectly cozy twosome!

    LIBRA (Sep 22 - Oct 22)
  • PISCES (Feb 18 - Mar 19)

    The Scorpions are best suited to you

    Both of you share great affinity in your temperament in being perceptive, susceptible, and emotional and that makes your relation really go off well. You imbue great love in each other and both of you are very warm and doting to each other. Warmth, passion and tenderness will typify your relation. In a nutshell, a near-perfect match. Yet, there'd be a flaw which will keep your relation from being a perfect one- the tendency of both of you to feel offended too easily. Also, you occasionally tend to be jealous and over possessive and that does occasionally smothers the serene relation of yours. So better be watchful and avoid the outbursts of such sick emotions. You need to bear in mind that these gushes threaten to choke your married life.

    SCORPIO (Oct 23 - Nov 21)
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